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Truck companies run a huge risk with their fleet transporting cargo every day. Some trucks go to the ends of the country in order to get the goods delivered at a reasonable time and this is not always very safe for your trucks, your cargo, or your driver. It is not easy to keep an eye on all three these aspects at one time, especially when you have a big company to manage. How do you ensure the safety of every single one of your trucks when they are on the road during night time and day time? offers an affordable and simple solution to this heavy burden. We have compiled an innovative system in which you can track, trace, and keep an eye on your trucks wherever they are on the roads. We are based in Malta and have specifically designed this system in-house with the consumers of Malta in mind. It will offer you safety, reliability, and a better sense of protection when it comes to the cargo that you transport. This will enable you to deliver on the promises you have made your clients and to give the better customer satisfaction.

Our system is very simple to understand and operate, and it is quite flexible to use. We install GPS sensors in the trucks in your fleet and we activate it so that it gives off a signal. You are then put in a position where you can track the trucks wherever they may go. We are putting the power back in your hands that standard vehicle tracking companies take away from you. You should be able to make the calls as to what happens with your trucks and to have a unique experience within your company. This is exactly what we aim to give you within our system.

The tracking can easily and conveniently be done from our application and website once you have logged in on your profile. This app is available for use on desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones. We ensure effective communication and we make sure that we send you updated email notifications and alerts regarding your vehicle position. You will also be able to enter specifics about each vehicle such as fuel consumption. This information will be ready to communicate to anyone involved, including the drivers who will be able to drive to their locations more efficiently.

Our GPS tracking system provides you with a number of features that will be helpful in the planning of your day-to-day routes and the organising of your drivers. You will be able to give your clients a much better estimated time of arrival and you can control the paperwork that comes in – all on one platform. Making us your partner in tracking and planning will result in you being able to benefit from the following advantages that we offer.


Improved fleet performance

Think about how many of your trucks are on the roads at any given day. How do you know if they are where they should be and how do you know they will arrive when they need to? Our GPS system allows you to track all of your trucks on the roads at any given time. We will be able to send you tabular reports and notifications based on their whereabouts, and you will be able to view them on the map provided. There will be a platform available that will show you the total drive time for the day as well as the total distance travelled in the day. You can schedule the trucking activity based on their planned routes and their planned trips.


Monitor and control unauthorized use of vehicles

The way our system works will prevent any driver from taking chances when they are on the road. Through our notifications and the history of the vehicles you will be able to track any unauthorized use of the vehicles. You will be able to see whether or not the trucks have reached their location and your drivers will have full accountability if there were any deviations along the way. This will also contribute to the safety of the driver should something happen that is out of his or her control, like a robbery or a hijacking.


Safe transportation

Apart from the safety of your drivers, you need to also be concerned about the safety of you vehicle and the cargo it is transporting. With our system you will be able to check up on speeding and any other traffic violations that might have been committed in the name of your company. This way you can protect your reputation. You can guarantee the protection of the cargo to your clients by utilizing the information we send you in our alerts.


Optimum vehicle utilization

We provide you with a system that allows you to utilize all your vehicles in the most effective way possible. By tracking where your vehicles are you can assign new transportation routes to free trucks or trucks making their way back. This will really help save time and you can fit more driving in during the day. You will be able to know exactly what the number of the consignments on each truck is and you can monitor that it has safely been delivered. A whole group of vehicles can also be viewed as well as individual vehicles on their own, giving you a wide look of the fleet at once.


Control fuel and other expenses

As with any fleet of cars, you are going to have to have expenses in order to keep the trucks running at an optimum rate. With our system you will be able to monitor fuel consumption and adjust your budget appropriately. You will also be able to see whether or not any trucks have been taken off their route by referring to the fuel expenditure. By looking at the history of the driving of the trucks, you will be able to plan your budget and provide for the annual repairs based on past behaviour.

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