Tracking for Transport and Logistics

Companies spend a lot of money every year in order control and check their supply and to ensure that they bring quality products to their clients. If your transport and logistics are not up to scratch then it may mean a serious loss to your company – and you are left with clients who are extremely upset. As a logistics company this is what you need to avoid and it all starts with effective communication within your company and supply chain. We have the perfect solution for improved processes when it comes to your stock. offers you a great way to let transport and logistics services be tracked by using GPS satellite signals. We are confident that we offer competitive rates and valuable service that is easy to understand and easy to use. Our transport and logistics solutions have been designed especially for this aspect of business and we treat it as uniquely as your company is. No solution will be the same, because we believe that every company’s supply chain requires special attention that can’t be standardised or generalised.

Our tracking services include a simple process by which we use GPS signals in order to track and manage your supplies and supply chain. You can accurately track every single item that goes through the company which helps in saving you time, money and increases production in the workplace. You can track inventory easily by using our website or our application which is compatible with desktop computers, tablets, and cell phones. We make sure that our site is always up and running, with very little downtime experienced. You are a few swipes of the finger away from maintaining your control costs, your time management, and customer satisfaction.

Everything that goes on in your supply chain can be managed from this application or from our website. You can review proof of delivery, customer account information, and inventory tracking. This allows you to better the communication with your own customers and confirm the status of the products. It is a functional way to improve the accuracy of your deliveries and to allow your own customers to track their packages from your own website. What’s more is that you can also track the transportation vehicles and manage their routes or schedules on a day-to-day basis. You will also be able to view any details about a single particular vehicle or manage the group as a whole.

Having control of your logistics and transportation department enables your company to perform tasks more effectively and it increases productivity in the working environment. You will also be able to share the data with any of the other employees or colleagues that need to get a detailed view of the logistics department. We send you detailed reports and alerts regarding the history of the tracking and any pertinent information that might occur. Apart from these services, you will also have access to the following benefits when you choose to partner with the best tracking company in Malta:


Fleet performance improvement

As part of the packages that we sell, you will be able to improve your fleet management. This means that you will be able to track any transportation vehicles that leave the building until they arrive at their destination. Vehicles can be viewed on a map and you will be able to see the total calculated driving time done for the day. Tabulated reports will be sent to you as well as any alerts that might signify something abnormal or suspicious. There will be scheduled reports per assigned route and per assigned trip for your convenience.


Automated yard management

With our system in place you will be able to automate workflows and processes in the work yard without having to sit through hours of paper work.  You will also be able to capture this data on multiple sites. Easily identify shipping bottleneck and adjust your delivery time accordingly. You can access the history of your yard at any time and improve the visibility into your supply chain to help meet the service commitments set out by your company. The information will be easily communicated to the employees in the yard itself.


Optimization of container stowage to increase profits

Our system enables you to gain a better grasp ad control of your container stowage, which leads to increased profits. By maximising asset utilisation and increasing the production without adding any extra resources you will be able to save money in the long run. You will also be reducing operating costs and maintenance expenses. By knowing what is going on in the work yard, you will be able to effectively communicate it through to your clients which in turn improves customers service and satisfaction.


Optimization of ground support equipment operations and lower capital expenditure

As part of our very effective operating and monitoring system you will be able to track every single movement in the work yard and capture the data onto our website or application. You can provide better forecasting figures and access control to the logistics operations. With the data that you have effectively captured and entered you will be able to give better and more detailed reports and you will be able to point out key performance indicators. All of this ensures that your logistics and transport departments work fluidly and run smoother.


Streamline break bulk and cargo operations

Cargo operations can become a messy situation if it is not managed correctly, but with our system you won’t have that problem. You can improve control over your container freight station (CFS) and we also give you support for all types of roll-on-roll-off (ro-ro) vehicle operations. Billing is simplified so that it is better to understand and better to manage, and your mobile framework is extended for better support and performance.

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