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A taxi company can be a very lucrative business, but it also comes with its own set of stresses. The most important aspect of a taxi or cab company would be the drivers and the vehicles that you own. These have to be maintained, managed, and it would not hurt if you kept an eye on them every day. However, as the owner of the taxi company, you wouldn’t have this type of time on your hands and with your fleet covering the entire city or even country, it can be difficult to keep track of the daily activities.

Luckily, we have the perfect solution for you. is a company that understands the importance of knowing where your taxis are, where they are supposed to be and how long it will take them to get there. We offer comprehensive solutions that are uniquely designed to suit the needs of taxi company owners, taxi drivers, and the taxi cabs themselves. Our solutions are based on the consumer activity in Malta which means that they are uniquely suited to the needs of the citizens of the country. We pride ourselves in creating easier modes of tracking for business in the area.

As part of our system packages, we install GPS sensors into your taxi cabs and activate it so that they produce a signal. This signal can be tracked and traced by you without our help! We put the power back into the hands of the business owners. You can use our app and our website in order to track the route of the taxis and get an estimated idea of our many miles your taxis have travelled per day and how many hours your driver has driven during any given day.

We make sure that you are able to specify your vehicles individually and the fleet as a whole unit. We send you detailed reports on the activity of your vehicles and we alert you via email if there is something that needs to be brought to your attention. This information can help you plan future routes and review vehicles in order to save money and time. This type of information can be conveyed to any member of the company and it makes for effective communication between the drivers of the taxi cabs, too. In the taxi industry every cent counts and we are here to make sure that you utilize you fleet to the best of your abilities.

Our system is easy to use, it is fast, and it is affordable. We develop our technologies in house which means that you won’t experience any unnecessary downtime whilst you are planning routes or tracking vehicles. We provide you with one huge platform on which you can do everything in half the time it would have taken you to do it otherwise. Here are a few other benefits that you can look forward to once you take our hand as a partner in managing your taxi company:


Maximized vehicle utilization

Imagine how much more profit you would be able to make if you could intercept free taxis and put them to work immediately. Our GPS system makes it easy for you to target any taxis that are empty or free, and you can send them to a location of your choice where they are needed. You can also do this with cars that are almost on their way back from their current location and send the next pick-up ahead of time. This way you will be able to utilize even the smallest of seconds in the day to maximize productivity.


Ensured vehicle safety

Taxi drivers are not free from harm and with potential threats like robberies or hijackings lurking around the corners, our GPS system will help you in this regard. You can track every single one of your vehicles. By seeing where the cars are headed to or how fast they are going, you will be able to determine if they are in potential harm. If they have fallen under threat, you can use the GPS sensor to locate their position and alert the authorities for help. You are responsible for the lives of passengers and drivers; GPS tracking is the way to go for ultimate safety.


Optimized route planning

One of the main obstacles of taxi companies is planning the route. You cannot always rely on drivers to know the ins and outs of the city. On top of that, there may be unforeseen collisions or road closures along the way. This is definitely the worst thing imaginable to a passenger in a hurry. The GPS system will allow you to trace any traffic obstructions and plan a different route to get the passenger where they need to be on time.


Fuel monitoring

This is a great aspect of our system and it really resonates with taxi drivers. Our GPS system allows you to monitor the fuel and oil consumption on a daily basis. You will get to know the fuel usage of the vehicles in your fleet and you will be able to control the expenditure thereof. What’s better is that you can trace any unnecessary fuel consumption that might have been spent by the driver. This increases driver accountability and puts them in a more responsible position. They will drive slower and more careful knowing that their mileage is being watched.


Customer satisfaction

Studies have shown that people are more likely to hail a taxi or call a cab if the vehicle has been equipped with a GPS system. This allows you to give a safer feeling and environment to your customers. Should anything happen to them, you are able to take action and possible save their lives from threats.

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