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There are many aspects that go into a construction company and it is often difficult to keep an eye on every single aspect. You will need to be kept updated regarding the fleet, the workers, the process and status of each project, the time it will take to complete each project, and even simple things like tools that might need replacement. It takes hard work to run a construction company and we have the perfect solution to make it all a bit easier. Let us be your eyes and ears when you are busy with everyday tasks. offers you a comprehensive solution to maintaining and managing you construction company. We offer effective services, fast processes, and methods that are easy to understand. As part of our mission statement we ensure unique answers and solutions to every single construction company on our database, because we know it can never be standardised. We will help you save time and money on an everyday basis and in the long run. Our system has been known to work and it is specifically designed to meet the needs of the construction companies in Malta.

Our tracking system offers you a complete view of any and all projects that might be going on at the moment. With our GPS tracking you will be able to track your fleet and your drivers on any given moment of any day. We make sure that you are able to schedule, plan, and track the routes that they are on so that you always know whether your fleet is where they should be. This also helps in communicating information to your own clients and to avoid any potential hazards or threats that may occur on the way to a project.

As part of the package you will be able to insert any type of detail regarding a project, a route, a trip, or an individual car on the fleet, and manage it accordingly. We send out detailed reports and email alerts to you regarding the information you have entered. If something is amiss, we will jump in and alert you immediately. However, the control is entirely in your hands and we give you the opportunity to empower yourself in the working environment. A construction company that knows what goes on in its own business will be in a better position to grant customer satisfaction.

You can access the history of your logs or the details that you have entered from our website of application, where you will also be doing the tracking and scheduling. This website is easy to operate and it is compatible with desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones. Apart from giving you an affordable solution to organise the ins and outs of your company, we also offer the best prices in Malta. If you are still not sure about the services that we offer to construction companies, maybe these few benefits will help us achieve our goal and give you peace of mind. With our system you will take advantage of the following:


Accurate budgets

Budgeting is something that can either go very well or it can cause an insane headache to the person who sets it up. It’s usually the latter. Our system can help you set up accurate budgets by referring to previous projects and the detailed history thereof. You can use past figures for fuel, oil, and other transport costs to draw up a budget that won’t budge. This will also help when it comes to purchasing materials, tools, and paying for labour. If you have a better idea of your expenses, you can give your customers a better price.


Lower operating costs

If you have a fleet of vehicles, you will understand that it can be a huge responsibility trying to maintain them. Our system allows you to track every single vehicle anytime of the day. This allows you to see where you are overspending on fuel costs or why certain cars use more oil than others, for example. You will also be able to improve driver accountability for any unknown pit stops or extra time that has been taken along the way. Drivers have also been known to drive safer if they are tracked.


More effective operations

The great thing about our system is that it allows effective communication between employees and managers. The chances are high that you have multiple vehicles going to multiple sites per day. With our system you can maximize time by planning turn-by-turn routes. You will be able to let drivers communicate with each other and with you when it comes to driving on the road. Imagine how much more profit you would make if you could boost your dispatching services and service one extra client per day!


Cheaper insurance

One of the main expenditures of a construction company is insurance, especially on vehicles and on the equipment that you own. You are working with tools that are very valuable and people are ready to pounce on it for a quick buck – this is probably why your insurance is so high. However, most insurance companies cut you some slack if they know you have a GPS tracking system installed in your vehicles. You will be able to pay less for insurance and in the event of a robbery or hijacking, you will be able to retrieve any stolen goods, too!


Integrated field management tools

Paperwork always seems to be a timewaster in the construction industry and things are so easily misplaced. With our GPS system you can complete documents and other pertinent paperwork on one easy system. Say goodbye to ever losing important documentation again and say hello to the era of smart construction!


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