Tracking for Delivery Companies and Couriers

A delivery company or courier company can be a very lucrative business if it is managed properly. Everyone will always need deliveries done or packages couriered to their doorstep. As the owner of such a company the responsibility falls on your head as well as your managerial team to make sure that every single delivery person makes their rounds perfectly. However, this is not always possible. It is very difficult to keep track of where every single car is, what the status is, and what the driver is doing. It is an important aspect to manage if you want to give your clients 100% satisfaction. solves this problem for you with an innovative tracking solution. Based in Malta, we are attuned to the needs of our clients and customers. We have spent all our time and effort into dedication so that we can create a seamless system that works with you and for you. Our tracking service is perfectly affordable and it is totally comprehensive, making it easy for anyone to work on or to understand. It is the best way for your tracking company to work smoothly and effectively without any hiccups.

Our methods are very simple to grasp and work on, and the best part is that you won’t need our help at all. We have made it possible for you to be empowered when it comes to your courier fleet and drivers – you make the calls, you take the action. We install GPS sensors into every single vehicle in your fleet and we activate it so that it gives off a signal. This signal can then be picked up by you if the car is in transit, if it has stopped somewhere, or simply if it is parked in the parking lot. You get a full view of where your fleet is anytime and anywhere.

You can track your vehicles by using our advanced tracking application and website that we maintain and develop in-house. It is fully compatible for desktop, tablet, or smartphone use. From this app you will be able to organise your entire fleet, enter specific details about each car, track important features such as fuel consumption and schedule the daily routes. The best part about it is that this information can be communicated and distributed to each and every single driver or manager so that your company can provide effective customer service to each and every single one of your clients.

Courier companies need to be on time, on call and on par with the standards of other delivery companies. With our tracking solution you will be able to do all that in one fully functioning system. Our tracking service has the capacity to organise your entire working routine on a daily basis and you can manage your entire fleet with the swipe of a finger. Here are a few more benefits that you will be able to take advantage of once you have partnered with us as your tracking partners.


Real-time delivery notification

The main thing that we strive to give to you is updated notifications on the status of every single one of your vehicles. Our app is customisable meaning that you can choose on which aspects you would like to receive notifications on. Every alert comes with an email notification that will reach your inbox if you are not able to access the app or the website. Through these notifications you will be able to get the exact location and status of the vehicle which helps in planning routes and checking to see if everything is going the way it should.


Driver and vehicle security

As a courier company you might face tasks that require you to transport valuable goods and this is not always safe for the driver or for your vehicle. With our GPS tracking system you can have a look at where your fleet is and why it hasn’t been located at the final drop-off area. If there is danger, you can take action and alert authorities immediately. If there has been a threat to the goods, you can effectively notify your customers, or change the plan to get the delivery to them in time.


Legal backup

Delivery companies often face allegations when it comes to their delivery times and the condition of the goods that were delivered. Our GPS tracking system makes it easy for you to check these allegations and refute them with concrete proof. You are able to provide details to every single customer regarding the vehicles that transported their goods. The reputation of your company will stay intact, you will save money in avoiding possible refunds or returns, and you can save your employees from being wrongfully accused.


Improved customer service

With any company customer service has to be spot on, especially when it comes to a delivery company. People often want their goods to be delivered as soon as possible, and they query delays if they occur. Our system allows you to promise on time delivery and protection of the cargo. The scheduling, planning and organising system is perfect for letting you manage every detail of the route and to give an accurate estimated time of arrival to your clients. It is a great way to preach honest and transparent operations, and to let your business give quality service to all the clients on your database.


Save money on your budget

As a delivery company, you are working with vehicles which mean that there are going to be serious expenses such as fuel consumption, oil, and repairs. You can easily track these aspects and make sure that they are well-covered in your budget. If anything goes amiss, you will be able to track it and see where unnecessary expenses are coming from.

Our tracking system is so much more than just GPS tracking. It allows you to totally transform the way you manage your delivery business.

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