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Modes of mass transportation have evolved at an incredible rate over the last few years, but luckily we have managed to keep up with the latest trends. However, bus and coach services will never go out of fashion, no matter how fast the transportation department evolves over the next few years. These are the trusted vehicles in which we put our lives and the safety of our families and friends. With our system it is now possible for bus and coach companies to provide an even better sense of safety and protection to their passengers.

At we have dedicated our time into perfecting a tracking system that is the best solution for bus companies to implement in their fleet of buses. It guarantees the safety and the protection of the passengers, the drivers and the reputation of your company. This is an especially good investment to make when it comes to school buses and bus services that offer travel throughout the country. We have analysed the passenger and driver behaviour of bus companies in Malta and we can help you promise safe journeys to every single one of your clients.

Our tracking system is incredibly easy to operate and it is a very comprehensive system that won’t convenience anyone involved in transport. We install GPS sensors into the bus or coach and we activate it so that it gives off a signal. This signal can then be picked up by you, the manager or business owner of the bus company. We have very little to do with the actual tracking process and we leave it in your capable hands. This way we empower you to take the necessary action you need to and to know where your fleet of buses are at all times.

The tracking system can easily be accessed on our website and through our application. These are compatible with desktop computers, tablets and smartphone devices which mean that you can track your fleet anywhere you are, as long as there is internet connection. We send you email notifications and alerts if an activity occurs and you can customize these settings to suit your own needs. This will definitely help in adhering to the huge responsibility of transporting a large amount of people and their belongings. You will also be able to give your clients peace of mind when they choose to travel with you.

Studies have shown that people are more willing to travel with bus or coach companies that are affiliated with a tracking company. Here we are offering you a unique experience that is totally flexible and carries your interests at heart. It is not only a monitoring system, but it is a protective net that ensures the safety of all parties involved. Here are a few more benefits that you can take advantage of when you choose us as a travelling partner for your bus or coach service.


Increased passenger safety

We have already mentioned this a few times, but we would like to emphasise this point again. You cannot put a price on the lives of your loved ones so when it comes to strange passengers using your bus service, this responsibility becomes even bigger. The safety of your passengers will increase when you use our service because you will be able to track the fleet wherever they are. If something should happen such as a robbery, an accident, or a hijacking then you are in a position to take immediate action and alert the authorities, instead of waiting for them to respond to the threat first.


Constant monitoring

Your fleet of buses will be traceable throughout the day and you can choose to track an individual vehicle or you can choose to track the fleet as a whole group at the same time. If you would like to be innovative, you can send out the app info to several other users so that they can track the vehicle at the same time. This would be the perfect thing to implement if you are in charge of a fleet of school buses. Parents are always concerned about their children and this would give them a great way to ensure that their kids are safe and on the right road to their destination.


Bus maintenance monitoring

Every activity that occurs within the fleet is recorded and saved onto our platform. We send you detailed reports of these activities which should help you to prepare for the future. You can use old reports and histories to budget for bus maintenance and monitor the effect that the long travelled roads have on your vehicles. This should allow you to take immediate action, to plan for unnecessary expenses and to budget for the regular yearly maintenance on the buses.


Track driving behaviours

As a bus or coach company you cannot afford to rest when it comes to the safety of your passengers. For this reason you need to make sure that your drivers are responsible when they are on the road. With our app and website you can keep a constant watchful eye on the behaviours of your drivers and notify them if abnormal activities occur. This means that your drivers are 100% accountable for their actions which will result in safer driving from their side – another way in which you can guarantee safe journeys to your passengers.


Improved scheduling

We do not only offer a system in which you can monitor your fleet, but we give you the opportunity to schedule, organize and plan every single detail of the trip. You can improve and plan your routes, enter specifics about each and every bus that you own, and you can communicate this information through to the drivers and any other parties involved. This leads to better time management, and more space for more trips.

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