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Fleet managers have the biggest responsibility when it comes to managing the vehicles owned by the company. They are the ones who need to answer to business owners and this is not always such an easy task. With everyday work crises that might arise, it is often difficult to keep track of every single vehicle in the fleet at any given time of the day. You need a solution that allows you to have eyes and ears everywhere, in every vehicle, every day. This is exactly what we’ll be able to help you with if you let us provide you with a system that can do it all for you. is the perfect solution for fleet management in Malta. We understand the responsibilities of fleet managers and the very essence of having to think on your feet in times unprepared crises. We can help you take control of your fleet and manage it the easy way with our GPS systems. Our solution is affordable, valuable, and it does all the hard work for you. With a system like this you will never lose track of the tiniest details of your fleet ever again.

Our GPS system is very effective and easy to use. We install GPS sensors into the vehicles and we connect it so that it gives off a signal. You can then use our website or application in order to track the vehicles wherever they go. This makes it easy for you to keep an eye on your fleet during the busy work day. You can also choose to set alerts and receive email notifications on certain aspects of the vehicle and its route. It is a fast way to empower yourself and take care of the fleet as well as its drivers no matter where they go.

Along with the GPS system, we give you the opportunity to create your own personalised system for your fleet. You can choose to manage it as a group or you can choose to manage an individual vehicle. On this system you will be able to plan routes, set up schedules, send data regarding the fleet to other employees and check the specifics for each car. It is the ultimate control system in which you can save and plan every aspect of the fleet on one site. You will never have to worry about what to do when there are roadblocks, when someone breaks down, or if there has been an accident. Your plan on our platform will sort it out before it even happens.

Our fleet tracking and fleet maintenance services are extremely popular because it really helps managers to get control of their fleet and empower themselves to be better managers. It is so easy and effective, and it literally works with the swipe of a finger. Not only is our website easy to navigate, but it is also compatible on desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Here are a few more benefits that you can enjoy when you make use of our fleet managing service:


Improved time management

As we have said previously, we know that time is of the essence when you find yourself in the corporate world. Fleet management helps you to plan out any routes and scheduling effectively and it leaves room for unforeseen changes to be made. This way you can save time by pre-planning the fleet and its activities, thus increasing production. The system also provides you with traffic updates for when the fleet has already been dispatched. It helps optimize the working schedule of the drivers and managers alike.


Improved inventory management

The most important part of your fleet should be the goods that they are carrying and the fuel consumption. With our system, you will have access to all the details of the vehicles and you can manage them in the comfort of your office. You can check the fuel consumption, status of the vehicle, location of the vehicle, and even the oil consumption. All the data of your fleet is saved and sent to you via email so that you can review it when the time suits you. It is very helpful for people like mechanics who need to repair vehicles and need to look at the history of the fleet.


Improved customer service

We help you to help your clients by bringing you regular, real-time updates regarding your fleet. The locations and coordinates that you track from our app can be used in order to update the status of your customer’s or client’s separate tracking system. This way we form an interconnected link through which both parties take advantage of. You will be able to assure your customers with an estimated time of arrival and we will help you track the vehicle on the way there.


Improved employee satisfaction

Your employees are human, too. They don’t want to work for a company where communication is at an all-time low. Having said that, we know how difficult it gets to tell employees every single thing during the day. Work piles up and things get busy. With our system you will be able to communicate every detail of the fleet to the drivers and to the business owners should they need to know. Keeping your employees and colleagues in the know will motivate them and it will lead to increased employee satisfaction. Everything is digitalised, so you don’t have to worry about running around to deliver messages. It’s so easy!

Apart from the abovementioned you can also look forward to reduced insurance costs because you have a tracking system installed in your fleet as well as reduced maintenance costs. A GPS fleet management system makes for easier communication and a smoother ride to the end location.

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