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Our services are all executed with dedication, care, and commitment. As part of our mission statement we make it our number one priority to ensure that you always have access to services we offer and that you receive honest and open customer service. The services on our list are designed with you in mind and they can be implemented for business or personal reasons. We are able to modify packages to suit your unique needs so that you don’t fall prey for another ‘standard’ service provider. We make sure that we fulfil all our promises to you and we are open for scrutiny if it can improve the way we conduct business.


GPS Vehicle Tracking

GPS vehicle tracking is our most popular service, especially when it comes to families and people who let others drive their cars regularly. This service is aimed at ensuring the protection of your loved ones and drivers that do not own the car. It enables you to monitor the route that they are taking and to take action if they are in any eminent danger. Parents, this is a great way for you to keep an eye on those nervous first-drivers that are climbing in behind you wheel.


GPS Fleet Tracking

When it comes to businesses, nothing is more valuable than your assets. Your fleet is part of your biggest asset and when any harm comes to the vehicles that form part of it, you might find yourself in serious financial difficulty. This service offers you the opportunity to track your fleet at any given time, whether it is as a group or individual cars, and you can see whether or not they are following their intended routes so as to take the necessary action.


GPS Fleet Management

The fleet tracking service comes highly recommended with the fleet management service. Sometimes it is not enough to know that your fleet is safe and at their end destinations; you need a platform that allows you to monitor all the specs of all the vehicles. The fleet management service enables you to conduct a wide range of organising tasks on our online platform. You can plan routes, enter the specifics of each vehicle and monitor things like fuel levels or oil consumption. The data will be sent back to you in the form of a report or an email alert.


Tracking for transport and logistics

As the owner of a transport and logistics company, you should know that you are in control of your own goods that will eventually become someone else’s as well. Not only is it your responsibility to ensure the safety of your vehicles but also the safety of your cargo. Our tracking services for transport and logistics gives you the platform to manage the work yard from anywhere you are. If any cargo is lost or stolen, it can be tracked very easily with the GPS technology we make use of. Not only does this give you peace of mind, but your potential clients, too.


Tracking for construction companies

Construction companies are the businesses that actually need tracking services the most, especially the type that we provide. It is a make or break type of industry and it is entirely dependent on your reputation. Our tracking service for construction companies gives you the chance to promise safety to your employees whilst they are out on a job and it provides you with the tools for better customer satisfaction. You can give your clients a more accurate time or arrival and you can save time along routes by planning faster alternatives. This means more projects in a day!


Tracking for taxi and cab companies

Another ruthless industry is the taxi and cab industry. Once again it is dependent off the amount of passengers you drive around every day. Our system enables you to monitor the routes of your taxis and to take immediate action once a driver is free. With our effortless communication system, you can send a free taxi to a new location within seconds. This enables you to squeeze in more people during the day, which means more profit at the end of it.


Tracking for delivery companies and courier services

Courier companies that have GPS systems installed in their vehicles make their services more trustworthy. Research shows that people would rather trust a courier company with a GPS service to transport their goods than one without. Why is this so important? Whether you are collecting or making a delivery, people want to know that their goods are safe and that it will come out the other end. Our tracking system gives you the power to ensure them that their goods are in safe hands. In the event of a robbery or hijacking, we will ensure that we trace the lost or stolen items until they are safely in the hands of the receiver.


Tracking for truck companies

Truck companies often send their fleet or vehicles all over the country and it is impossible to know what is going on at any given time. The service we offer for trucking companies can help you get the truck where it needs to go in the scheduled time frame. You can let drivers know about possible road accidents so that they take a detour to still deliver as promised.


Tracking for bus and coach

Having other people’s lives in your hands is probably the scariest thing in the entire world. At any given moment there is a bus transporting someone who can’t wait to get to their loved ones. Our GPS system enables bus and coach services to promise a safe experience to each passenger and emergency help if they are stranded somewhere.


Tracking for rental car

Our tracking service for rental car not only gives you peace of mind when it comes to strange drivers driving your cars, but also the drivers themselves. This is especially great for tourists who don’t know the area as well. The GPS signal will alert you and you can send help as soon as possible.

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