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Thank you for taking the time to visit our contact page. We have a wide range of methods through which you can contact our customer care department. All of our customer care staff members are fully trained to assist you with any queries, questions, comments, or problems that you might have. We promise valuable insights, attentive listening, and efficient responses to make this customer service experience all the more enjoyable for you. Follow any one of these channels and a friendly call centre agent will tend to you as soon as possible.

The easiest way for you to contact us and receive an immediate response is to phone our support line on +356 99300600. Someone is on standby to take your calls throughout the day during business hours. The call centre agent will put you through to the relevant department should he or she not be able to help you. You can also phone us on our landline at our head office on +356 21324565 where a friendly agent will help you directly. If you wish to send us a fax, you can do so by sending it to our fax line which is +356 21324560 and someone will tend to it effectively.

If your query or complaint is not as urgent, you can simply send us an email to our email address which is The mailbox attendant will either help you with your email query or they will send it through to the relevant department. We make sure that we try to reply to all emails by the close of business in order to ensure effective customer communication. However, we do ask for your patience if the email is referred to another department for reviewing.

We are a company that pride ourselves in being fast, efficient and up to date with the latest technology in the digital world, but we do appreciate traditional forms of communication as well. We accept letters in the form of queries or complaints and we take the time to send letters back to your mailing address. Please note that if there are any delays with the postal services, there will be delay in your letter arrival and our response. If you would like to send us a letter you can do so by mailing it to our physical address:

53, Rudolph Street,
Sliema, SLM 1275,


The easiest and fastest way for you to contact us is to fill in our online form on our website. It is a much more convenient way for you to communicate with us and for us to respond to you. All you need to do is give us your contact details such as your name, email address, phone number, and the message you would like us to receive. Please be sure to specify the status of your query so that we know the urgency of your message.


Contacting us should be your number one priority if you have any queries regarding our service. We make sure that we deal with it in a professional manner. It is not just a matter of how we can help you, but also how you can help us to improve our business operations. We understand that many people are hesitant to contact companies because agents are not always very friendly and responses might take some time. We try to ensure that we give helpful and kind advice to you and solve your queries without any hassles. Here is why we value clients who contact us with queries.

  • Learning experiences: as we have said previously, every query that we receive is a learning experience for us. You help us find gaps and broken links within our company so that we can spend time fixing it and providing better service to the clients. It is impossible for us to keep an eye on every single detail of our company – we are only human after all – but with your help we can learn about how the public reacts to what we put out. We can use your input in order to better our understanding of our own business dynamics and to keep up with the latest trends that the public asks for.
  • Consumer satisfaction: of course the most obvious reason why we value customer communication is so that we can satisfy our consumers! Our company wouldn’t mean anything without you making it a success. It is our job to supply to the demand that has arisen in the public, but it is our responsibility to do it well and to make sure that our clients are happy about it. We pride ourselves in taking every query that we receive and turning it into something positive for our consumers to take part in.
  • Employee motivation: believe it or not, but customer queries go further than just the reply you receive over the phone or in your inbox. It infiltrates every single corner of the company and it is discussed in detail. This helps us to motivate our employees so that work is done more successfully and effectively. If we receive compliments, we make sure that those who are responsible for the good work hear it. If we receive complaints, we make sure that we dissect it to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.
  • Increased efficiency: lastly, your communication with our company leads to increased efficiency. We can make sure that any and all problems are solved effectively and that we take the necessary steps to prevent them from occurring again. If our employees know what is happening to our consumers and how they react to our products or services, then they can get to work in continuing to build on our brand. This means faster and more valuable delivery to the public in general.

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