The Case in Favour of Vehicle Tracking

Many people view vehicle tracking as an unnecessary expense when in truth it is one of the most affordable investments that you can make. Not only does it cover the safety of you vehicle, but it also ensures that you or other drivers are protected at all times. We make sure that our systems are always fully operational so that you experience very little down time when you make use of our tracking system. This way you can utilize your time, your resources and your money to a better extent all round.

Our tracking system is great for personal use and it has been received very well on the family front. With kids growing up and wanting to gain their independence, it is inevitable that they will one day take your car to drive to school or out with friends. No doubt this will cause you years of worry and add a few grey hairs to your scalp within a matter of seconds. With vehicle tracking you will be able to make sure that they arrive at their destinations safely by tracking them on our website and application.

Whilst it is a great tool for ensure family safety, it also holds many advantages on the business front. Companies with large fleets often have the problem of not being able to keep their eyes and ears on the ground at all times. Our tracking system can do that for you and you have the option to track a single vehicle or track the whole fleet at the same time. The safety of your drivers remains your responsibility and the condition of your vehicles needs to be monitored regularly. With our vehicle tracking system, you will be able to do it all.

Safety is our number one priority, but this is not the only aspect that we focus on. By integrating your business or personal life with our online application and website you will be able to do much more than just see if your car is safe. We offer a versatile system that offers around the clock service, no matter what your context might be and it becomes almost like your personal planner when it comes to your vehicles. Here are a few benefits that you can take advantage of that makes the case against vehicle tracking services so much stronger.


Save on insurance

The most important added benefit of vehicle tracking services is that it reduces the cost of your insurance premiums. Drivers who have vehicle tracking systems placed in their vehicles are often favoured by insurance companies, because it shows that you have already taken the steps to ensure the safety of your vehicle. It provides a much lower risk to insurance companies which are why they are in a position to give you a lower premium per month. Some insurance companies have been known to reduce their premiums by as much as 35% when it comes to drivers who are GPS-savvy!


Optimized resources

This benefit is always great when it comes to businesses with large fleets. As we have already said, a GPS system can really help you to have eyes and ears everywhere your fleet is going. Apart from that, you can also monitor details of the vehicle such as the fuel and oil consumption, the amount of miles travelled per day and the driver behaviour. This can really help in planning routes or tactics, and you might even be able to use the data to shave a few minutes off the day to squeeze in another customer or two.


Reduce operating expenses

And of course, if you save time, you automatically save money as well! By installing a GPS system in your vehicles you will be able to plan and work out faster routes for your vehicles. Just as you are saving time here, you will also be able to save on vehicle maintenance. Shorter routes means less fuel consumption and less travelling during a day will mean that your vehicles won’t have to be repaired for every little thing. Faster routes will also eliminate overtime costs to drivers on your pay roll.


Increased management in the field

A GPS tracking device will enable you to manage the drivers and staff members in the field more effectively. It makes for a great platform of communication and the captured data can be sent through to any party that needs to view it. Together you can look at the data and the history of the fleet activities and take action where it is necessary. This also helps you to hold your drivers responsible and accountable for any errors or inconsistencies that may occur whilst they are driving around. You will have concrete proof of their whereabouts and you can deal with it effectively.


Locate lost or stolen assets

It sometimes happens that drivers have to drive through dangerous neighbourhoods where the cargo of your fleet might be in danger. GPS vehicle tracking makes it easy for you to recover any lost or stolen items that might have been taken along the route. This also goes for finding a stolen vehicle. Just activate the application and the website and you will be able to see where the signal is travelling towards. This will enable you to not only protect the valuables but also to ensure the protection of your employees.


Timely alerts

The GPS tracking system works even when you are not online. It delivers timely email notifications and alerts to you, wherever you are. You can get notified if the vehicle is moving off of its route or if there are any obstructions such as accidents present on your plan route.

All of these factors above contribute into making your business operate smoother and to ensure efficient customer service to your clients!

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