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We live in an age where everything happens fast. We are constantly surrounded by the need for information that we hunger for it on a day to day basis. Imagine you wake up tomorrow and you have to write a letter to an important client rather than sending an email. You would wait days and days before you get a reply back. For this reason we have seen a gap in the market; a gap that demands efficiency and effective service delivery. Our company ensures that you stay on your target throughout the whole day, every day. is a company that prides itself in its effective solutions in GPS tracking. It is not only a service that we offer, but a product as well, brought to you by Dazzle Panel. We offer a full vehicle and fleet tracking solution based on our in-house development framework. By scrutinizing your wants, needs, likes, and dislikes we are able to build a profile for you in which we can customise every solution for you. We understand that not every tracking purpose is the same and that there are unique outcomes for every person. This is what we try to achieve when it comes to service delivery.


We have dedicated time in order to understand the GPS tracking needs of Malta. This is such a diverse area and it has so much potential. With road traffic becoming bigger and drivers becoming more each day, we knew we had to bring our clients an easy way for them to do tracking when it comes to their vehicles. We have profiled and analysed the consumers of Malta so that we can bring a commercial and business solution so that your vehicles, drivers, passengers, and all parties involved can drive with confidence, knowing that they are in safe hands.


Our company started from humble beginnings and we had to put a lot of preparation and hard work into learning what we know today. In fact, we are still learning from our own experience and those who mentored us to get where we are today. For the past few years our focus was on perfecting our infrastructure so that we can deliver on the promises we made to the public. Now that we are at that stage, we continue to build and upgrade to perform faster, better, and go bigger than ever before.


As Malta is developing with the rest of the world, we feel that every client and every experience is an opportunity for us to develop with it. We use these learning curves to meet our goals – to exceed the expectations of every single client within our database. We aim to offer outstanding solutions, effective customer service, accurate tracking, and constant innovation. Every single one of our staff members all follow our ethical code of conduct and they are fully submerged into our honest value system. It all helps us to bring you great value and satisfaction at the end of the day.

Our Core Values

These core values form the backbone of our company and it helps us to live out our passion. We always make sure that we treat our clients with the utmost respect and that they are 100% happy with the end result after working with us. We have combined our own personal maxims and values into creating a company that is morally sustainable and a brand that gives off an overall friendly atmosphere to anyone connected to it.

With that, we welcome you to our company and our website!


The most important core value that we all follow is integrity. We try to portray this in our personal lives and in our working environments. By following this principle, we believe in relating to people in a way that is authentic and true. False fronts have no place at and we try to be as open as possible. We follow through on our promises and go the extra mile for our clients in any which way we can. We are a company that value handshakes just as much as signed contracts, and our relationships mean more to us than just plain old business transactions. As we have said earlier, every client is a marker on our journey to experience.

Honest Communication

Part of the reason why we have experience success is due to our honest communication ethics. We encourage our team members to be as honest as possible – not just with our clients, but to each other as well. We believe that we need to say what we need to say in order to get the job done, even if there are disagreements. These disagreements give us the opportunity to sit back and review the issue at hand. Without any communication, no company can succeed. Transparency is always welcome in our company ethos.


We believe that every single person who contributes to our company is valued and appreciated. This goes for the people who sit at the top right down the people who work hard at the bottom. Every person that works for this company has helped to build our brand and we could not have done it without their helping hands. We foster a sense of appreciation amongst our staff members, as well as amongst our clients. New and old, no company can succeed without an excellent database such as the one that we have. Gratitude is not always seen in the world of entrepreneurship, but to us it is the cornerstone of our operations.


Last but not least, we employ people who love what they do. If you are not passionate about what you are doing, then why waste time doing it in the first place? We love helping people and we aim to use our passions in order to stand out from other tracking companies. It has become our life’s mission to join hands with modern day technology, dive into the digital age and bring you tracking solutions that are effective in every sense of the word.

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